Idigo & Fallacy of Igbo Origin


                  Idigo & Fallacy of Igbo Origin


                     Comrade Biafra Diboh

Years back, there was general misconception that Aguleri and Umuleri were of the same historical origin. This point was made possible because of the age long neighborliness existing between the both town and the mere written of "le" in the both names than any research and archaeological evidence.

It became evident that one of the two neighbours were out dominate the other because of its numerical advantage by implying that the other were a grandchildren to them. What a ridiculous assumption without considering cultural and historical ties of both towns. To greater part of last century, umueri seems to be non existing due to the partial claims of the Aguleri that the full name of Umueri is UMU-AGULERI, pronounced UMULERI for short. And this had been for years until Idigo, the self acclaimed Royal dynasty in Aguleri was asked by an Eminent Igbo Musician called Ozomena Nsugbe during his research for Igbo Origin in one of his album entitled " Kedu ebe Igbo si bido"- referring to where does the Igbo originates. The Aguleri Royal king eulogized its town as the first and Head of Igbo origin and declined mentioning Umueri where as Umunya in Oyi Local government was used to replaced Umueri in the children of Iguedo whom he ignorantly claimed was Eri only daughter.This was contrary to all available oral history and archaeological evidence.

Now reading through the Aguleri Royal dynasty Websites:, One would be shocked but to shout blue murder in the way the websites fabricated the story of Eri and that of Igbo Origin. First, despite the full knowledge of all that IGBOs (with exemption of Nri Kingdom) has no king before the advent of the whitemen, the website went ahead to claimed  that Aguleri has an AGUVE DYNASTY,which according to them was a dynasty in Enugu aguleri and was bestowed on them by Eri . This is nothing but a comfirmed lies as the Eze Enugu aguleri dynasty could equate with that of Eze odinani as obtained in Mgbede Umueri and in Igbu,Awkuzu respectively. This Eze has no much political control of its subject (but perform some ritualistic and traditional roles) until the advent of whitemen which saw British crown a strong noble a warrant chief with political control. In this regards, Eze Idigo 1st and Eze okoye Odili were crowned Warrant King in Aguleri and Umuleri respectively. Idigo was somehow made a royal house for the role he played in bring the Aguleri into Otuocha- Umueri

Further reading into the websites, It goes to contradict the story of Iguedo as told by the same Idigo to Ozomena Nsugbe. The websites claimed that 'Adamgbo' was the only daughter of Eri and whom the father refused to give out to marriage but instead kept at home to bear children for him. This is highest height of double standard. The websites went on to claimed that the children born from this woman co-habit the present omabala area with the children of Eri. What a lies? This to me is a great insult that the rest of Iguedo descendant should stand up and criticize because Idigo has taken up a battle to arrogate the power to termed "Iguedo descendants" as bastards- been children of no father.

The websites also went further to refer Otuocha as a segment of Aguleri founded by Idigo Eze Aguleri. Why we acknowled that Idigo was the person that brought the people of aguleri into Otuocha,the author vehemently opposed the allocation of Otuoche(mispronounced Otuocha) as a segment of Aguleri as they really don't know the meaning of the said land

Now, the question that I would ask Idigo and its co-fabricators, why is it that the majorities of Deities in Umueri are much older to that of Aguleri? This was based on archeological evidence available. Another important argument is the fact that the Eze Aguleri in Enugu Aguleri has continues to lay the claim as the authentic King of aguleri where as Idigo is termed as self styled or self appointed. Please can you explained why Umueri have been known and pronounced UMUERI despite all the age long manipulation where as Aguleri been the so called first child of Eri is not been refered as "Eri descendants".

Please enough of these fabrication and distortion of history because truth that's been suppressed today MUST Someday risen to shame the suppressor.



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