Nnamdi Kanu Storm Umueri, the Ancestral home of Ndigbo

Nnamdi Kanu Storm Umueri, the Ancestral home of Ndigbo

On June 30th, Nnamdi Kanu, the Supreme leader of Indeginous people of Biafra visited Umueri town of Anambra East to pay homeage to the community. It would be recalled that while he was incarcerated, the community alongside the IPOB high Command, organized a prayer at the ancestral temple of Eri at Dabawu-Hebraic Temple , Ugume, Ikenga Umueri.

He was welcomed by the Community elders and memebrs of IPOB, Anambra East Local Government Area amidst pump and funfare. The Highlight of the occassion was his visit to the ancient Dabawu-Hebraic Shrine at Ugume, where he offered prayer and thanksgiving to God.

During the Ceremony, welcoming him to the town, the community presented kola and offer him royal blessing on the task ahead. In appreciating the Kola and blessing bestowed on him, Kanu said that his visit to Umueri was a Home coming. That he was born a great researcher, with instict to go  extra mile in unearthing the truth about the origin of his people. He belived that his visit today was to pay homage  to the land where his  ancestors- the Igbo first settlers migrateed from. He told the community to see him as a son that returned back to his root .

He also commended the community for the prayer & fasting they offered to Chukwuokike abiamma, on his behalf during his incarceration. 

He told his audience that Biafra Restoration is a reality."Biafra is a reality. It must come' He says with air of authority. "Let me tell you, Umueri shall assume the position that Jerusalem holds in Isreal as the holy land of Biafra, as soon as Biafra is restored"

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Umueri(Mispronounced Umuleri)

Anambra East LGA of Anambra State.

His Royal Highness
(Traditional Ruler)

H.R.H Igwe Sir Ben Emeka
Igwe Okebo II of Umueri

His Majesty
(Traditional Prime Minister)

HRM Mike ekweonu
Onowu Iyasele  of Umueri

P.G Umueri General
Assembly (UGA)

Hon. Pius Okonkwo
(President General, U.G.A)


Ekwe, Iyom,Nne-

Est. 155,000.00

business,Crafts & Arts etc