Umueri(Mispronounced Umuleri)

Anambra East LGA of Anambra State.

His Royal Highness
(Traditional Ruler)

H.R.H Igwe Sir Ben Emeka
Igwe Okebo II of Umueri

His Majesty
(Traditional Prime Minister)

HRM Mike ekweonu
Onowu Iyasele  of Umueri

P.G Umueri General
Assembly (UGA)

Hon. Pius Okonkwo
(President General, U.G.A)


Ekwe, Iyom,Nne-

Est. 155,000.00

business,Crafts & Arts etc


Clans(Quarters) in Umueri

50 Greatest Umueris

Below is the listing of the greatest Umuerians of living memory. It includes both heroes,legends and pioneer of Umueri Extraction in various field

1. ERI - The Great Progenitor of Umueri and leader of the Migrants that found Igbo race. Read more on his Profile

2. DABAWOR - The First son of Eri and was said to be the founder of modern Umueri town. Read more on his Profile

3. OCHE - The Progenitor of Umu-Oche kindred of Amukwa- Adegbe and founder of Otuoche(Otuocha) area of Umueri. His farm land known then as Otu Oche expand to include the modern day Otuocha. Read more on Profile

4. OKAFOR EGBUCHE - A community leader, Led Umueri in 1933 to institute a legal case against the Aguleri when Umueri discovered the spontaneous rise in buildings of Aguleri in Otuocha without Permission.Read more on his Profile

5. OKOYE ODILI - Famous Herbalist and Medicine Man. A great Umueri of pre-colonial era. The first Warrant Chief from Irueke Adegbe Umueri. Read more on his Profile

6. OMONYI EGBUCHE - A Great Patriot who was in fore front of Umuleri/ Aguleri land dispute of 30's. He was the man that predict to Chief R.A Idigo that New Generation of Umueri will rise to reclaim what rightfully belongs to them.Read more on his Profile

7. GEORGE OKAFOR - Famous Patriot and community leader. He was the star witness of the Umueri in 1984 Supreme Court Judgment which hitherto ensure that the judgment was in favour of Umueri. In recognition of this fact, he was crowned as the "Owelle 1 of Umueri" Read more on his Profile

8. IKENYELI ANAKWE - Native Doctor, Warrior and Renown Polygamist. He was a community leader and hero of past umueri war and conquests. Read more on his Profile

9. NELSON OKOYE - First Traditional Ruler ,Philantropist and great Reformer. He was one of the greatest Personality of past century. Read more on his Profile

10. ONOCHIE PAUL(SHOWLIGHT) - A Philantropist of great repute was indisputable the greatest Umueri of his time. Read more on his Profile

11. FIDELIS NZEGWU OKOYE - Great Politician and first Chattered Accountant from Umueri. He was a Member of parliament in Old Eastern Nigeria during the first Republic and also a legislator of Old Anambra State during the ill fated 2nd Republic. Read more on his Profile

12. EBENEZER AGBATA - Administrator and Civil Servant. A One time Local Government Administrator of Old Anambra County Council. Read more on his Profile

13. PA CHARLES ADINTU - Prominent Missionary and Crusader. He was the founder of Anglican Church in Omaballa area.Read more on his Profile

14. OGBUEVI OVELLE - Creator of Ezikwulu Oto Ovelle that was later nicknamed Ezi-Agu Road which leads from Mgbago Umueri to Otuocha. This was a landmark Road that hitherto recognised the fact that Umueri links directly to Otuocha. Read more on his Profile

15. BARR. OVOKA JIDEANI - First Umueri Lawyer. He was a product of Communal effort of Umueri Youth Assembly, which awarded him scholarship to study law overseas in 1956. Read more on his Profile

16. MICHEAL OBALLA - First Umueri Phd Holder in Chemical Engineering. Read more on his Profile

17. GAUL AGBATA - Eminent Christain and Leader of a Sabath Mission with Headquaters in Umueri. He was the first man to brought Sabath Mission into Umueri. Read more on his Profile

18. OGUEBEE EKWEVI - Founder and General oversea, Christ Chosen Disciple Church (World wide), also popularly called after his Name " Uka Ogebe" . Read more on his Profile

19. OBIDIKE LAW UCHENNA - Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Weco Computer Systems Limited.A Great Philantropist who solemnly rebuilt the Obinetiti Community Primary School immediately after 1995/99 Invasion. Read more on his Profile

20. ODOGWU CHIDUBE(UNOPPOSE) - Famous Native Doctor and also a patriotic of Umueri from Umuatuolu. Read more on his Profile

21. NWABUNWANNE IFEDIORA - Popularly known as Citizen. An Author and Writer from Ugwume Umueri. He propagates Umueri History and Literature through his works.Read more on his Profile

22. ONWUZULIKE UDEMGBA - A great Musician of 'Egwu ekpili' genre. Through his musics he propagates Umueri folklore and culture to the wider worlld.Read more on his Profile

23. DR ANTHONY NNAEMEKA - Seasoned Administrator and Top Civil Servant during the Second Republic. Read more on his Profile

24. MRS BENEDETHE LONGE (NEE NDIVE) - A prominent Umueri daughter married to one of the leading figure of Second Republic. Read more on her Profile

25. MRS KATE OKWECHA (NEE EKWONU) - A Greate daughter of Umueri. She was a one time Secretary to Defence Ministry. Read more on her Profile

26. SENATOR EMMA ANOSIKE - A season Politician and one time Senator of Federal Republic. Read more on his Profile

27. CHARLES OKAFOR - Renown Actor of Nollywood fame. He hails from Umuatuolu Village in Ivite Umueri.Read more on his Profile

28. GABRIEL MELKAM - A Nigerian football International. He was the first Umueri to wear the famous Nigeria football jersey arguably making the first Umueri to play for a Nigeria national team as Member of Flying Eagles in 1999. Read more on his Profile

29. ODIGBO AKWUEZE - a great warrior known for his fight against the slaves merchant. Read more on his Profile

30. SIR BEN EMEKA - A Philantropist per Excellence- A CEO of New Ideal Construction Company LTD(NICCL) and an illustrious son of Umueri who have championed a lot of developmental projects in umueri. Read more on his Profile

31. REV FR. ONUORA ELIAS MAKOLU - The first Umueri to be Ordained a Reverend Father. He later rose to be come a Mosignor before his untimely death. Read more on his Profile

32. BARR (MRS) NKECHI JUSTINA OHANEHI (NEE ANAUKWU) - She was the first Umueri Female Lawyer to be called to the bar.She hails from Mgbede, Ivite Umueri. Read more on her Profile

33. SIR VINCENT OKOYE - A patriotic Umueri community leader. He fought vehemently for the re-opening of Umueri community Hospital which was closed down during the Nigeria civil war and subsequently made possible the conversion of the community hospital to Umueri General Hospital as known today. Read more on his Profile

34. COL (REV FR.) ANAUKWU - One of the earliest priest from Umueri and also the first Umueri to rose to the rank of Colonel in Nigeria army. Read more on his Profile

35. NWEKE ARO - A very popular eccentric man(oftenly refered as lunatic). A Great Predictor that is of comparable to Nostradamus. Read more on his Profile

36. BARR. LADY(DR) OGUGUA U.C IKPEZE - (LLB.LLM, PHD in law), She hails from Umuatuolu, A magistrate and also a senior lecturer faculty of law, Unizik Awka. Read more on her Profile

37. OBUDI UDEKWE - Warrior and Great Umueri Living Legend known for his liberation struggle to liberate our land from the den of roberry menace which holds down our town following the crisis of 1999. Read more on his Profile

38. FRANCIS AGUEGBO - A great Umueri Patriot and Community Leader. He was a former Chairman of Umueri General Assembly (UGA) .He was Chairmen during the famous 1984 Supreme Court Judgment which hitherto ensure that the judgment was in favour of Umueri.. Read more on his Profile

39. ANANWUDE EZIVE - A Great Merchant and the most famous monely lender in the whole of Omaballa area. Read more on his Profile

40. IGBOANUGO NWASI - A very popular man. His nick name was the reason why his agemates in Umueri and entire Amakom are known as osua age grade.Read more on his Profile

41. BARR. MIKE OKOYE - A scion of Late Okoye Odili from Irueke- Adegbe Village of Umueri. A great lawyer,human right activist and Politician.Read more on his Profile

42. ANI DIKE EGWUONWU - An acknowledged Authour,diplomat, linguist and Politician residing in United States of America. Read more on his Profile

43. CELESTINE TAGBO - A philantropist from Nneyi Umueri. His Developmental projects in Nneyi which includes electrification, boreholes etc are all testimony to his kind hearted nature.Read more on his Profile

44. OGBUEVI NWAGU ANEKE - A great Umueri of Nsibidi fame. He was said to be awarded a Professorship due to his talents in teaching of Nsibidi. Read more on his Profile

45. DANIEL EKWEVI - A Great Umueri Philantopist per excellence.  His developmental iniatives which includes electrification Projects,scholarshi p scheme etc was things worthy to be emulated. Read more on his Profile

46. SIR EMMA EDOCHIE - A Great Umueri philantropist and community leader. His contribution towards Umueri Community Bank which was destroyed during the crisis and that of Umueri Civic center deserved mentioned.Read more on his Profile

47. CHARLES AGHAEBE - A Patriot Umueri,Philantropis t and believer in indivisible Umueri as a community. Read more on his Profile

48. BASIL IWUOBA - Politician and also a philantropist. He represent the entire Anambra East/west and Oyi and Ayemelum in the constitutional conference of 1995. Read more on his Profile

49. VINCENT OKAFOR - A Senior and High ranking Police Officer from Umueri.Read more on his Profile

50. DAN IFEDIORAH - Eminent Umuerian. He was the first Umueri to be appointed a Permanent Secretary. Read more on his Profile


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