Umueri(Mispronounced Umuleri)

Anambra East LGA of Anambra State.

His Royal Highness
(Traditional Ruler)

H.R.H Igwe Sir Ben Emeka
Igwe Okebo II of Umueri

His Majesty
(Traditional Prime Minister)

HRM Mike ekweonu
Onowu Iyasele  of Umueri

P.G Umueri General
Assembly (UGA)

Hon. Pius Okonkwo
(President General, U.G.A)


Ekwe, Iyom,Nne-

Est. 155,000.00

business,Crafts & Arts etc


Clans(Quarters) in Umueri

Gov.Obi Dissolves UGA Executive!






Breaking News!Gov.Obi Dissolves UGA Executive!


Otuocha- Umueri: 25th July 2010.


Following the rancorous crisis that has rocked the Umueri General Assembly(UGA), the Anambra State Governor, Mr Peter Obia has fortnight ago effectively dissolved the Executive Committee of Umueri General Assembly(UGA) headed by Chief Goddy Obidike paving way for a 7 Man Caretaker Committee to be led by Sir Vincent Okoye.

According to reliable information from Umueriland Reporter, the committee is expected to rule and manage the affairs of the Town Union for a duration of Six months and to conduct a free and fair election within 14 days of the expiration of its tenure.

Its expected that this news would go a long way to calm down the nerves and tempers of all the factions involved in the crisis.But it's yet to be seen as the news were received with mixed feelings. In some quarters,people sees the Government intervention as a divine intervention to prevent the looming anarchy. While those in support of the former UGA Executive believed that the Peter Obi Intervention is totally uncalled for and also cited reasons that most of the 7 man committee are not known members of Umueri General Assembly. The later group believed that its handiwork of Mr. Mike Udah, the Chief Press Officer to Peter Obi who engineered the latest development. But source close to the Ex UGA President, Chief Goddy Obidike stated that he has accepted his faith and has leave the issue at the hand of the Almighty God .



It's still yet to be confirmed which of the clan would be allowed to go for the presidency of the Town Union. But its obvious clear that the caretaker committee are disposed and sympathetic towards allowing the Presidency to be zoned to the Ivite Clan of Umueri. From now till next six months, leadership activities of the Union would be entrusted under the cares of this 7 man caretaker committee. Hence, do keep tune to Umueriland Latest News for Update and news as it folds.





Below here is the Government Letter...






News Sourced by Chuks Akwaeze & Compilled Comrade Biafra Diboh



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