Umueri(Mispronounced Umuleri)

Anambra East LGA of Anambra State.

His Royal Highness
(Traditional Ruler)

H.R.H Igwe Sir Ben Emeka
Igwe Okebo II of Umueri

His Majesty
(Traditional Prime Minister)

HRM Mike ekweonu
Onowu Iyasele  of Umueri

P.G Umueri General
Assembly (UGA)

Hon. Pius Okonkwo
(President General, U.G.A)


Ekwe, Iyom,Nne-

Est. 155,000.00

business,Crafts & Arts etc


Clans(Quarters) in Umueri

Onwa Isaa



The community's Seventh Month Festival is a great feast in Umueri town. Though it’s said to be a feast meant for the great deity of Oviammili Umueri but the fun, entertainment and fanfare that go with the festival have let everyone to embrace it as it’s a festival that keeps the entire village happy for four market weeks. This important festival usually takes place during the Seventh moon of the Igbo annual calendar and it coincides during October .The feast is vital to the populace for some very vital reasons. First of all it is the month that friends and relatives from afar are invited to the town. It is the month that the newly married girls make themselves known to the community and the grown spinsters that have reached the age of marriage also make themselves available to the community as they dressed in glamorous clothes with different types of hair styles. Traditionally, it's also the month that newly formed age grade organize their outing for introduction of the group to the community so as to be accorded fully recognition by the community. Its goes with entertainment as it’s the month of local wrestling within age groups and it cuts across children, teenagers and even grown up.


 The Climax of the feast usually take place within the twelfth day of that particular month as a lot of people would gathered in the ‘Ama-Ocha’ -the Village Square of Umunagu-Adegbe Umueri for fanfare, celebration of music and festivals. Friendship’s invitation cut across the towns and villages by married women, youths and grown up girls. The Age grade who are doing their outing are also required as mark of honor to invites friends from afar


During this festival proper, people engage musicians of their choice to take them along with their various families round the village for recognition. And newly formed age grade with their new learned music or song is expected during the outing to exhibit what they have learned in privacy to the general public to see. It’s that same day that they would officially launch age grade name.


Wrestling is also another entertainment that adds colors to this all important festival. Like stated earlier, it cuts across children and adult while youthful girls and other public watch by expecting their favorite to win. Most often, a strong man or the one that easily wins have a lot of female admirers and this often leads to friendship and love related affairs


The feast is indeed one of the biggest festivals in Ikenga Umueri and the memory can never be equaled.


 May God take the glory in Jesus name – Amen.


Contributed by Deacon Emmanuel Nzedigwe

From Lokoja -Kogi State,Nigeria

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