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HRM Mike ekweonu
Onowu Iyasele  of Umueri

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Assembly (UGA)

Hon. Pius Okonkwo
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The African Jews


                                         The African Jews

                                  Chikwudi J. Onwuegbusi

God put an end to all mysteries at the completion of the foundation for saving mankind and went back into heaven. A decree on the foundation is that God will be visiting man in the earth for the works of mrysteries in the 909th year from the last time of such providence. The 2001 is the time of another phase from his last visit. There will be works of providence which evidence his presence. These range from God's obligation; the call on Jews in all corners of the earth; the fall of manner for all birds in the farm-works-free year; the call on Edomites in their places of spread, other works on those and other nations and their groups. All these are manifestations that reconstruct the African Jews and those of other continents.

In exclusivism, the unpreached Judaism was the image for the heavenly tradition. The race, living in the Holy land, was too, the shadow of the heavenly society. Men with God's elevation to dual existence catechized the events of life in the physical heaven which made the scripture. Such calls as prophets with official responsibilities covered the period of most Jews till the Diaspora. Many generations lived as the subjects of most specific prognoses and manifestations of their rash of exiles which were developments that culminated to the Spread of the earliest prediction" .... and you shall be plucked off the Land which you are entering to take possession of it. And the Lord will scatter you among all peoples, from one end of the earth to the other". (Deut. 28:63-64). The spread, loss and recovery of the Jews from the specific prophecies involves the manifestation of the connected events. This particular recovery identifies with the choice of ministers, the return of grace, and building of the tent of God. The unique connection of the choice of the prophet(s) and this recovery to the particular loss was " Behold, I will send for many fishers saith the Lord and they shall fish them; and after will I send for many hunters and they shall hunt for them, for every hill, and out of the wholes of the rock" (Jer. 16: 14-16).

In the redemptive manifestations, Prophets of the preached Christianity in/of the imperial land of the Bible, which is the world, succeeded the prophets of exile for the life of the particular Jews which this title tells a part in Africa. This outmoded all and baseless theories and speculative authorship of the non-Biblical sources God selected ministers in many regions of the Hebrews in the world. The Jews now re-appear in many parts of Africa.

The truth source dilferentially throws light on the Jews to their tribes clans, families and proofs of the origin, From the line of prophecy, there were many Jews in Africa. The men of the Kingdom of Judah met the Gadites in the later Babylonian Empire. After the popular grant of freedom from the world king in the 5th century BC their populations from the tribes of Judah, Levi, Gad and Benjamin went under possession of the God of host to realise this prophecies of punitive spread and loss to the intended places and raical heterogeneity. Thus, they lived with the Canaanites who had been in their land, the Arabs of Near East, Abyssinians of Ethiopia, Kordofans, otherwise' Fanankhe from Sudan who they included from the nations they traversed to this land. The non-Jews were small and Germans called the mixture of races - Igbos. From the North Africa they spread into different parts. They lived in the north, east, west and the places of South Africa where they worshipped a deity common among the northern Igbos called Oviammili. A major wave of this movement led to the River Niger area above the confluence. The Igala, Biniedo and Yoruba emerged as kingdoms of the tribe of Judah. To the east of the River Niger were the four-tribe kingdom called Igbo. Outside the connected lands of the Igbos lived the Alkaleri in Hausaland and the Tiv on the River Benue from the Erites clan of Gad.

Yet, other peoples later arrived from the minority nationality that is Idoma occupying the Middle Belt Region lying between the Arab-dominated North and Hebrew-dominated South of Nigeria. The survivors of Edom/Idumae squirmed from the implemental forces of King Judas Macaabees to the areas of Rivers Niger and Benue in the 2nd C.B.C. They spread from Idoma and lived as the ethnic clans of Edomana in Igboland, Afemai and Ishan in Biniedoland and the Ido/Iddo in Yorubaland.

How had the Hebrews changed to be Igbos? That was the tale of their movement to the promise land. Israelites arrived the foreign land across the River Euphrates and refered to the first homeland as Everi (region beyond). As the Jews applied Ibri to themselves foreigners called them Iberi (both meaning pertaining to Eber, given the meaning: region beyond) which in Gentilic transliteration was Hebrew. A secular source, General Editor Merill C. Tenney: Zondervan Pictorial Bible Dictionary, indicated that all literal activities failed to discover the phenomenon or convention of the change of Everi to Eber. The fervor in this time adopted the other attribute to the homeland as Eber (heart land of the world) to this study. Among the Jews of Africa there were the literal translations of Everi and Eber that disproved the phenomenon and convertion for the development between the two words The Eveli/ Evere, Ovesi and Ove were the data iv the vernacular for the idea of nucleity. So Eber/Iba for the heartland sense was the correct etymology of Ibri/Iberi which had the German influence.

Igbos had other regaling identities in their stories as a folk Each of those applications had its vcriant(s) in the tribes according to the languages. Their exclusivity for God was in history as Umuchi/Umuchu. They lived in the shadow of heaven and simplified it as Nando. They were the embodiment of gregariousness, loyalty and patience and desired the comparison with the flock of sheep, Umuatulu and as the armies of God they instituted and celebrated it.

Hebrews were a made people with defined disbeliefs. All changes kept within the set lines of national, tribal, clan and family history The important evidences were the religious trinity, social triad, road tri-junctions, the institutions of tabernacle, yearly prophecy and witness of oneness and faith, Edo. There were also other evidencesfrom all segments of Hebrew careers.

The host of the four tribes scattered over the land east the Niger and had an Imperative identity as Igbo. The Gadites extended from the north to the south into Benjaminites and had a later surge into what was the Cross-River Igbo. Her communities in Igboland had those historical heritage (Jos. 4:12; Deut. 33:20-21). in status, privileges and institutions. Thus their leadership as the foremen in the Isreali wars and barriers to the enemy neighbours to the east of Jordan River were in the epithets Aro Di Izu Ogu and Aro Di Uzo Ogu Both people had same attitudes of long patience to frequent raiders but divested them of trappings at last like a lion (cat) and the Umueri had the idyllic collocation; Umueri Agu i.e. Umueri the Tigers (cat).. The tribe had exoneration from God and Israel that land was his gift and he chose the best of the land for himself Aka Ogute/Diana (Lord of land). This was the tradition of a by-name called Aku-Ogute/Diana which the Igbos adopted this in sub-groups naming as Umudiana as in Umueri, Agu-Ukwu, Achala' Ihiala and others to the south whose abode showed the concept of best selection and usage of form. The commander of the nation's army inhered in Gad and remained in Igbo titles as Ochiagha. He took over the headship of all tribes and that custom also established the Umueri on the coreland with the national institutions that functioned for regulation of religion.

Additional interesting evidence was the influence of the Assyrians on them during the exile. They called the northern kingdom as the Bit Humria (House of Humria) in their characteristic aspiration after King Omri known widely in all Asia, due to another temporal source called D.D. Luckenbill: Ancient Records of Assyria and Babylon, I, 1926-27. In the soft initials of Igbo and Hebrew those were Be Umunri/Umunria/Umuria and Be Omri, ie House of Umuria and House of Omri.

Levites lived in sub-groupings of Igbo units from the beginning and as in the empirical observations. In the emergent societies there were spottings of the tribesman with lost relationship in the time of darkness of history. That was in effect of variation of evidences in places in accordance with the allocation of the various families in Levitical services. Their kindred/family groups in the communities had the ascriptions of the priesthood of the tabernacle, defied for some special rites of enthronement, cleansing, scarification and so on.

The Benjaminite clan of Bela lived as the Eda found mostly to the south-east and south of Igboland. They, with the Hausas of the area, were a pack of hounds that brought the merchandise to bay in the unnoble trade of the 17th century as one evidence of the tribe. And to the east of Igbo-land there were the Abakaliki people from Judah. In the north central were the Ugwu Oba people also from Judah.

The Igala-land north of the Igboland were the descendants of the house of David from Judah. The kingdom had the capital at Ida and alleged their ruler titled 'Atta Gala' meaning: Ruler of Great Multitude. From the cavernous sources of facts an axiom of the Igbos of Igboland says "Wherever there is the palece of Attah is an Igala community". i.e "Ibe Obuna Attah bi bu Obodo Igala". In its multiple appreciation the title and regalship were the heritage of the Igala people. Also, the lineage was the one, of all the lineages of the royal house of David that migrated with the four tribes of Israel. After the development in history Attah's subordinates in other kingdoms of Edo, Igbo and Yoruba had titles called Oba/(Eze)oba. These potrayed striking similarities in language, practice and thought with the Hebrews regalship tradition.

The Biniedo was another Igbo group from the tribe of Judah. They cherised their relationship as Umuedo/Biniedo/Otuedo as one people in the diet- called Edo which was the concept of Hebrew Ed that conceded the suppression of a syllable. (Jos. '2:10-34, 34).

Lastly, as Yorubas who showed a closer relationship with Biniedo, and Igala, from their language of the tribe was also from Judah. They came Bethlehem - the city of palm trees cnd high tents. Many place-tradition talked away the Yorubas as Igbos. Another emphatic proof was their cohabitation with the Jebus of Hebron now as Ijebu Igbon. Igbon normally, resulted from the derivation above while Ijebu was the product of the pecularity of soft initial and ending to Hebrew.

The Bible explained the forgiveness to the people in the constituted return to the Lord from this change- over point which is the recovery (Deut. 30:1-5). This return is another period of God's presence which will continue till the people rid themselves of all unbeliefs. Without airs and graces but in veracity for the requirements of the era of devouring theocratic rulership, God, currently gave His prophets I will sort out all the Jews in Africa from the peoples in their laces and will build a tent for them through the prophets and they will come together as one nation on the Hebrew region. And I will rest my tent for the region of these four kingdoms in Umueri

The building of the tent conforms with all the circumstances as a Bible prophecy. From all intents znd purposes the exclusive Judaism came and prepared a heavenly place for the holy son of most high God to come with the world religion that will build its tent in the continents which will start in Jerusalem. Though this ended the exclusivity the Jews remained the blessings to the world. The global tents- building goes with the recoveries of the blessed peoples of God, Jews, per se, and the return to the Lord. This is their preaching and spreading Christianity to all He created who have not received it, It is one step in the selection of the location. The recent ascriptions for the welcome theocracy implicitly and explicitly concludes the site in the location. This is the other step.






Culled From This Day Newspaper of 12/01/2006

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